Our Team . . .

Our "Team" is broad and deep! In fact, our "full" team is considered to be the entire COMMUNITY - as we could not do what we do without many people, partners and resources coming together. 



If you've ever donated food to our pantry - YOU are part of our team. If you've ever contributed financially, no matter the amount, YOU are part of our team. If you're a business or other community group which donates either food or funds, YOU are part of our team. If you've ever given to a food drive to benefit us or been a part of any community event to raise awareness about what we do, YOU are part of our team. Our "Team" is certainly broad and deep . . . but it can be even broader and deeper. How can YOU plug in?

No doubt - volunteers are the core and essence of what the Colonial Heights Food Pantry is.


Over hundreds of volunteers each month, some who donate their time several or more times per week, are involved anywhere from food pick-ups to assisting with food distribution, from providing office and clerical duties to sorting, storing and arranging food items each weekday.

We rely on our volunteer corps to provide us up to 300-350 of 'people-power' per week.


Our volunteers came from all walks of life - some are retired, some are students; others are business partners and others are families. Groups from Fort Lee, area businesses, churches and civic clubs often volunteer as helpful teams during distribution times. What brings all of these varied ones together is the common purpose of giving back to YOUR community, being helpful to those in need. 

Board Members

The Colonial Heights Food Pantry is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors whose vision reflects in the work we do and whose efforts support and sustain our community impact.

The Board meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:00 at the pantry - and meetings are open to all.

Jennifer Ogburn, President

Craig Skalak, Vice President

Linda Coleman, Treasurer

Beverley Brandt, Secretary

Jacqueline Davis

Greg Heuermann

Dawn Kriigel

Hugh Luck

Abby Lynch

Cathy Shorts

Ruth Chappell, Executive Director Emeritus







Three staff direct and coordinate the efforts of the Colonial Heights Food Pantry:

Warren Hammonds, Executive Director; 

Rose Keller, Volunteer Coordinator; and

Darrin Shorts, Food Distribution Coordinator.

Beginning his role in July 2017, Warren worked for FeedMore for 13 years, after about 25 years in ministry-related positions. Rose began volunteering at the CHFP over the past year, and has experience in another food pantry connected to her former church where she once lived in Cameron NC; professionally, Rose worked for Wachovia Securities for many years while in NC. Darrin brings the most history of our team - as he has served this pantry as a volunteer for over eight years. After 26 years in the US Army, Darrin has found multiple ways to help our work, including now as a part-time staff.

They each bring a passion for hunger-relief and for serving others, and a sincere commitment to helping communities be healthier and stronger.

(Pictured L-R: Darrin, Warren and Rose)

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