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We are growing! 
To better serve our community, we're expanding.

With your help, and with the help of our community partners, we are adding more space! We are now serving more families than ever before, and we want to ensure that we have the space to build a better tomorrow for our community.  

Lives are changed by the simple act of ensuring everyone has access to healthy, nutritious food.  

Provide food.  Provide hope. It's what we do.

Read our press release here.

January 2023 Grant Ceremony-67-cropped.jpg

From left: Abby Lynch, CHFP Board Chair; Valerie Liggins, TCF Senior Program Officer for Community Health; Warren Hammonds, CHFP Executive Director; Risha Stebbins, TCF Senior Program Officer & Director of Communications; Nadine Marsh-Carter, TCF President; Brandy Cramer, TCF Program Officer for Community & Economic Development; Mike Williams, JRF Grant Committee Chair; Elisa Carraway, JRF Board President; Kevin Foster, JRF Executive Director. Photo credit Stephen G. Studios

Why our growth is so  important:

"Expanding our space presents the opportunity for CHFP to have more available client services and client enrichment opportunities within our facility. Referral and resource partners will be able to utilize our facilities for the improvement of our clients' livelihoods and give CHFP the opportunity to arrange enrichment programs for the betterment and well-being of our clients and our community,"

                Abby Lynch CHFP Board President. 

Distribution Happiness Kids.jpg
Why your help is so  important:

The $225,000 expansion project will be funded largely through grants.  While John Randolph Foundation and The Cameron Foundation have committed significant grant funds to the project with additional community partners providing both financial and in-kind support, we still need your help.   Our community is the bedrock of our work, and your commitment of support is necessary for us to meet our goal.  

Our needs are growing and so are we!
Car Check-in Line Up-cropped.jpg

Long lines at distribution.

Distribution frenzy!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

We're slowly moving in!

warehouse 'after' front view.jpg
warehouse area in use.jpg

We love having great storage space!

Where we started:

Creating new doorways!


HVAC and Electrical work is now complete!

HVAC Hanging Duct.jpg
HVAC Roof-cropped.jpg

Please join us in our fight to end hunger.

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