The Colonial Heights Food Pantry is committed to alleviating hunger and developing collaborative strategies to encourage self-reliance and preserve human dignity.


During FY 2018, we provided 17,158 food services to individuals in need, fed an average of 242 households every month, distributed enough food to serve 35,000 every month, and received 12,758 hours of help from community volunteers . . .

like you!



A Big Thank You to




for giving back to your community by hosting our 

Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

which was held

Monday, September 9 


The meal of chicken Parmesan, meat lasagna and spaghetti with marinara sauce was delicious, the service was excellent, and the atmosphere was wonderful - all for us to say "Thanks" to the many volunteers who give their time to the Colonial Heights Food Pantry!

To all supporters out there - show your support for us by dining at CIR soon, letting them know you appreciate their community spirit!

They're at 2510 Boulevard in Colonial Heights.


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  • Store Pick-up Drivers:  2 - 3 persons who can drive your vehicle OR our refrigerated boxed truck to area grocery stores for pick-ups during weekday mornings, 9-10:30.

  • Food 'Processors' for weekday mornings between 10-Noon to help inspect, sort and store incoming food deliveries.

  • Food Distribution volunteers who assist along our serving line as recipients select their groceries for their families: Thursdays, 5:30-8:30pm; Friday's, 11:30-2:30

  • SPECIFIC NEED ON THURSDAY MORNINGS from 10AM - 11AM: Be a part of the "Meat Crew" which sorts and counts all of our meats for the week. 2 -3 people to join the team

If interested in ANY of these opportunities, call 520-7117 and speak with Rose Keller, Volunteer Coordinator

There's nothing stronger than the HEART of a volunteer!

James Doolittle


Our Guiding Principles



  •  Everyone should have access to good and healthy food;

  • Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect;

  • When basic needs are met, people are able to improve their circumstances; and

  • We are all here to help others.

Food Pantry Information

Our Mission

 Colonial Heights Food Pantry, Inc. is committed to alleviating hunger and developing collaborative strategies to encourage self-reliance and preserve human dignity.


In FY 2018 . . .

  • Colonial Heights Food Pantry provided 17,158 food services to individuals in need: 

      - 2,987 Services to Seniors

      - 6,039 Services to Children

      - 8,132 Services to Adults

  • Served 600 individuals per month

  • The CHFP distributed over 10,000 pounds of food every week - the equivalent of about 8500 MEALS per week

  • Volunteers from the community served almost 13,000 hours to get it all done!

The Colonial Heights Food Pantry, Inc. has an assigned service area which includes only Colonial Heights and specific areas of 23834 and 23803 identified only as South Chesterfield. We are not assigned to serve residents of Petersburg, Dinwiddie, Prince George, Hopewell or Chesterfield County.


Households in need outside of our service area should contact Feed More at 804/521-2500 for a referral

in your service area.



~Office Hours~

Monday-Wednesday:  10am - 4pm

Thursday & Friday: 10am - 2pm

~Food Distribution Hours~

Thursday:  6 - 8pm

Friday:  12 - 2pm

Impacts we make . . .

  •          540,000 pounds of food distributed during FY 2018-19;

  •         17,774 individual people served;

  •         The pounds of food we distribute EACH week (over 10,000 pounds) is the equivalent of serving                                    8,500  MEALS every week!;

  •         230,000 pounds of fresh, nutritious PRODUCE distributed during the year was 42% of all foods                               distributed . . . we are about serving GOOD food, not ANY food;


Through a Client Satisfaction Survey taken during the year, we learned . . .

  •          96% of our recipients are pleased with the AMOUNT of food they receive;

  •          98% are pleased with the VARIETY of food received;

  •          95% believe they eat healthier because of the food received here than they would otherwise; and

  •          98% of those we serve prefer our 'client-choice' model of shopping.


In their own words . . . "What difference would it be if the CHFP was not here for your family?", our recipients responded:

  • "In all actuality, I would be deprived - fresh vegetables and fruits are expensive, and if the pantry didn't have those, my money would run out or I just wouldn't buy those things;"

  • "We wouldn't be able to eat anything like we do now. I bargain shop, but prices have gone up and good, healthy food is not affordable for us;"

  • "I would simply have to find another pantry . . . IF there is one;"

  • "We are able to have our grandchildren over occasionally for a meal because of what the food pantry serves us."


We are making a difference in the lives of many people.

Help us care for your community . . . join our efforts!

© 2016 by Colonial Heights Food Pantry

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